Purpose Training Center

WOD for Thursday April 19, 2018

"Be stronger than your excuse." -Unknown

PTC is proud to announce we are hosting a charity event to benefit the “Homes for our Troops” charity. Head to the FB page for more info and the registration link.

8 Trap release ea side
8 Triceps Release ea side
8 Hamstring release ea side

W/ empty BB
6 clean drip/start position DL from mid shin to mid thigh, max tension
6 Sandbag hip thrusters
6 Jump n Shrug
6 banded face pulls
6 high pulls from hang
4 KB windmills ea side
6 hang power clean
6 front squat

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

5 rounds on every 2m mark
Using 60-70% of Clean max
2 DL from Clean start position
2 High pulls
1 power clean
1 hang clean - power or full
1 front squat

Push Press 5 reps @70-75% of Strict press 1 Rm

Met Con:
4 rounds
3 Turkish get ups ea side 53/35, 44/26
20/20yd Farmer Carry AHAP
1 Rope sled pull, 2 rope lengths

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