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WOD for Monday October 9, 2017

“Set realistic goals and reasonable dates by which to achieve them. Then push yourself to beat the deadline and exceed the goal.” -Unknown

If you did not complete all three of the Fall Classic WODs last week (Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday’s Met Cons), you have until this Wednesday to make them up. Perform those Met Cons in lieu of the Daily Met Con. Also make sure you have marked “A” or “F” next to your name on the sign up sheet to indicate what division you’d like.

Warm Up:
10 push ups – clapping or ballistic
30’ bear crawl
10 supermans
15 goblet squats
8 bench press @ 55%
6 bench press @ 65%

On every 2min mark
Alternating movements
5 rounds of Bench 3 reps at 75%
4 rounds of Reverse sled drag, 10/10yd Body weight + 50#

Met Con:
Buy in: 20 Back Squat @ 155/105, 135/95, 115/85, 95/65
42 DU
21 Push Ups
21 C2B
30 DU
15 Push Ups
15 C2B
18 DU
9 Push Ups
9 C2B
Cash out: 20 Back squats

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