Purpose Gym

WOD for Tuesday October 10, 2017

“You learn more from failure than success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds your character.” -Unknown

***** Attention: There will not be a coach for the 4:30pm today, class will be open gym, apologies for the late notice.

Warm Up:
PTC BBC Snatch warm up
50 yd easy jog/50 fast jog

Snatch Grip high pulls from hang
3×3@ 75, 80, 85%

Power Snatch
5×3@ 75, 75, 80, 80, 90%

Overhead Squat
3×3 add 5# to session from two weeks ago

Full Snatch
10×1 up to 95%

Met Con:
6 – 10/40yd flying start sprints
~90s rest between

Max Strict pull ups in 5min

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