Purpose Gym


Unlimited Monthly Memberships

Month to Month (No Contract) $189.00/month

1 Year Contract (Monthly Auto Debit) $159.00/month

Public Safety (Police, Fire, EMT, Military) $129.00/month

Students $129.00/month



2 Days a Week Only (No Contract) $119.00

Punch Card $18.00 per session (minimum 5 purchase) 10 sessions for $164.00

Open Gym 129.00/month (must meet approval from coaches)

Private Training $TBD


**Couples rates available. Please ask a coach.***


Membership-“What do I get?”

The Purpose unlimited monthly membership, under contract or not, gives athletes access to all classes offered at CFP. This includes group classes, ,Barbell Club, Open Gym, and Yoga.

The membership does not include entry into any contests or special events with a separate entry fee.

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16131 Gothard St Suite L
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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