Purpose Training Center

Getting Started

The Beginning.

So you’ve made the decision to improve your life, to be better at being you.  Whether you’re new to fitness, new to strength and conditioning, or seeking a new place to shine, we welcome you.

Your first step toward your commitment to a healthier stronger you is an email to (PurposeTC@gmail.com).  A coach will contact you and set an appointment for you to come in and get started.  This initial one on one session with one of our coaches will include  some paperwork, stretching, a warm-up, and an initial fitness assessment, don’t worry, there’s no score and no contest, it’s just you doing your best.

After the assessment, there’s a cool down, during which your coach will explain the next steps in the process and schedule your next session(s).  Everything from the stretching through the cool down will be explained, demonstrated, and monitored by the coach.

The next steps involve a secondary assessment, usually for those athletes coming to us from another facility.  If the secondary assessment is not needed, it’s on to the “Elements” program.

Initial Assessment

Generally for all entry level, self taught, or lightly experienced athletes, although all athletes will participate in the initial assessment.  It involves basic movements and will be explained and demonstrated by your coach.  While there is no “score,” solid effort is expected.

Workout Of The Day


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