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Purpose Training Center believes that everyone can benefit from a steady regimen of strength and conditioning training. Our workouts are programmed with each of our individual athletes in mind. Purpose Training Center provides an intelligent and safe environment filled with motivation and support so that anyone can achieve their own personal health and fitness goals. All ages and fitness levels are welcome. Whether you are the elite athlete or the inexperienced novice, we have the strategies and programs to get you the results you desire.

We use a constant variation of movements so that our athletes are challenged at each session. Purpose Training Center is convinced that active coaching is the most important aspect of training to increase fitness levels and prevent injuries. Safety is a top priority at PTC. By ensuring specific movements and exercises are executed correctly will only increase mobility,  strength and stamina, which in turn, lowers chance of injury. All our athletes are held accountable to put in the work. There are no excuses that substitute hard training.

We are determined in helping anyone who has the commitment to better themselves both physically and mentally. So leave your ego at the door and be ready to challenge yourself in a community filled with positive and focused energy.



Coach/Owner Brett Gillham has been involved in athletics and strength training for close to 20 yrs. He was introduced to strength and conditioning in High School through Football and his high school strength and conditioning coach. During college he developed a passion for weightlifting and an interest in nutrition.  His lifelong quest to no longer be the “skinny guy” began.

After Brett’s exposure in high school and his further interest during college, he began learning as much as he could, largely self taught after high school, he read books and health journals, talked to different strength coaches, physical therapists, and other individuals involved in the field.  After many years of training and eating everything in sight, Brett discovered that nutrition was the most important factor in improving one’s lifestyle, health, and fitness.

In 2009, Brett  started training under John Welbourn and his staff at CrossFit Balboa/ SoCal Strength & Conditioning.  Brett found the combination of movements and practices utilized by CFB helped him improve in the many physical activities he practices. The training helped him with rock climbing, cycling, snowboarding, open water swimming, triathlons, and football.  Brett continued his learning by attending and participating in CrossFit and other Fitness related certifications and seminars.

Brett’s friends recognized his passion and developing expertise and started seeking his assistance in improving their health and fitness through training and nutrition.  This uncovered Brett’s desire to help and motivate people toward a better life.  Brett started his own private gym where his friends and their friends could come train.  He moved his facility from north Huntington Beach to central Huntington Beach and became Purpose.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer

CrossFit Football Trainer

CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer

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